Quick Start

The following is a quick start guide to get going with the yojenkins command line tool. This guide assumes that yojenkins is installed and available on your system.

  1. (Optional) Start up a containerized local Jenkins server using Docker
    • yojenkins server server-deploy
  2. Configure your first profile. Profiles are stored in the home directory in .yojenkins
    • yojenkins auth configure
  3. Generate a Jenkins server API token and add it to your first profile
    • yojenkins auth token --profile <PROFILE NAME>
  4. Verify that you can access the Jenkins server
    • yojenkins auth verify
  5. Now start trying some things ...
Get sever info:       yojenkins server info
Get your user info:   yojenkins auth user --pretty
Search a job:         yojenkins job search some-job-name --fullname --yaml --list
Monitor a build:      yojenkins build monitor some-job-name --latest --sound