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yojenkins is a cross-platform command line interface (CLI) tool to monitor, manage, and have fun with a Jenkins server. It makes it possible to interact with a Jenkins server without using the browser based Jenkins UI.

This tool is able to be integrated into a script as middleware in order to automate Jenkins related tasks or enable Jenkins configuration as code.

yojenkins will liberate you and your browser from the Jenkins Web UI

With yojenkins you can manage:

  • Authentication: Authentication structure similar to AWS CLI
  • Server: Create, shutdown, view queue, and more
  • User accounts: Create, delete, add/remove permission, and more
  • Nodes/agents: Create, delete, shut down server, and more
  • Credentials: Create, update, delete, list, and more
  • Folders: Create items, delete items, disable, enable, and more
  • Jobs: Create, delete, diff, trigger, monitor, search, and more
  • Builds: Monitor, diff, abort, tail logs, follow logs, and more
  • Stages: Get info, get logs, view steps, view status
  • Steps: Get info
  • Other tools and functions: Run groovy scripts remotely, run custom REST calls, setup a shared library, view command usage history, and more

See the CLI command outline for yojenkins: CLI Outline


This project is in alpha release phase. Please report any issues, odd behavior, or suggestions. Read more about the release cycle. See Bug Reports and Feature Requests

This does not mean that this project is not usable. It just means that the project is still in development.

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Overview Video

This video presents an overview of yojenkins, while demonstrating a few basic funcitonalities and workflow.