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Big Thank You

Any support for this project is much appreciated!

Financial Support

As of now, your financial sponsorship is important to me because it gives me the affirmation to keep pushing code into the public view. Although these sponsorships probably will not make me a ton of money or let me quit my day job any time soon, it will give me the additional motivation and drive to contribute to the open source community.

How Can I Sponsor?

The following methods are available to financially support this project:

  1. GitHub Sponsor
    • GitHub offers a way to support with a monthly or a one-time sponsorship.
    • You can become a sponsor with recurruing donations or you can simply become a sponsor with a one-time donation.
  2. Buy Me Coffee
    • This is a popular way to support developers, creaters, and maintainers of projects
    • Essentially, it is a quick and subdle way to support the project by "buying me a coffee" with a one-time donation.

What Do I Get Back?

Depending on the size of the donation, you or your company are able to get the following. Note that these tiers are the same as the tiers on the GitHub Sponsorship Page. The donations on Buy Me Coffee are one-time relatively lower payments

What Will Happen to My Money?

That would depend on how much money gets sponsored overall.

  • Overall sponsorship under $100/month: I will probably buy personal items that makes development more comfortable. This includes things like tea, various snacks, hardware upgrades, hosting costs, etc.

  • Overall sponsorship over $100/month: I will pay it forward and sponsor someone else's project that I believe is worth sponsoring.

  • Overall sponsorship over $500/month: ... hmm...well, I'm not really sure this project will get there. But if it does, I will have to re-think and update my sponsorship strategy.

Marketing Support

Typically, getting any kind of project out there and somewhat popular is a challenge these days. It would be pretty awesome if you could help me out by spreading the word about yojenkins. This not only helps me to keep the project alive, but also helps me find out how people use it and what they would like to see in the future of yojenkins.

Spread the word about yojenkins though social media, blogs, and other channels. This includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, or any other public or private social media

Simply link the yojenkins GitHub repository to a social media post.